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Frequently Asked Questions

Where in the Eastern Market is Mercado DC taking place?

Mercado DC takes place at Eastern Market's North Hall. Notice that the fun will happen indoors, you will see some amazing stands on the street, but Mercado DC happens INSIDE North Hall. The entrance to the festival is on 7th Street and N. Carolina Ave. See the map for reference:

mercado mapa-01.jpg
What if it rains?

Doesn't matter, Mercado DC is an indoor event. We are a water-proof fiesta!

What items are prohibited at Mercado DC?

The following items are prohibited inside the festival.

  • No glass containers of any kind. Other containers are fine and you are welcome to use them to bring some food home!

  • No backpacks or large bags over 14″x 14″

  • No large flags, banners, or totems

  • No poles or staffs 

  • No weapons of any kind (see previous bullet)

  • No outside food and beverages. (Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of food and drink options inside

  • No coolers 

  • No professional cameras with detachable zoom lenses and/or tripods

  • No video cameras

  • No animals, mythical or otherwise (with the exception of service animals)

  • No fireworks, whistles, laser pointers, adhesive stickers, air horns, vuvuzelas, kites, missile/projectile-like objects, frisbee or inflated balls, confetti, streamers, drones, open flames, or torches of any kind

  • No bad vibes or fighting of any kind

What's the parking situation?

Please check the aforementioned map in order learn about parking options. Keep in mind that Eastern Market can be a very busy place on Sundays.

Or maybe I could just take the metro!

That is an excellent idea. There are plenty of public transportation options to get to Eastern Market. Check them out here

Are there going to be lines?

If you already have a ticket, look for the express line at the entrance of North Hall. If you don't have tickets at hand, you can still try your luck and use our available devices to get a ticket on Eventbrite. This event is free, but tickets will still be required. 

All this food looks delicious, but what if can't try it all?

You are encouraged to bring your own container (just make sure it's not glass), that way you can have Mercado DC for dinner while enjoying some yummy food in a environmentally friendly manner.

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